Are you managing your work environment or is your work environment managing you?

This training can help you!!

The Bully Culture:

What is it? And, how do I fend for myself?

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Finding clarity around what you can expect

  3. 3
    • The Red Flags that Identify an Organization is At-Risk for Bully Culture.

  4. 5
    • Learning the Skills to Assess and Document in the Bully Culture

  5. 6
    • How to Reduce the Amount of Harm You Are Experiencing at Work

  6. 7
    • Am I being bullied at work? What is my data telling me and what do I do next?

  7. 8
    • What do I do? Report or not?

  8. 9
    • Building Support to Help Reduce the Traumatic Effects

  9. 10
    • Do I stay or go? The importance of planning

  10. 11
    • How do I use what I learned?